Steps To Selling A Company

1. Tiger receives response card/referral/call/email inquiring about selling co.

2. Tiger talks with respondent after checking D&B and website.

3. Owner receives signed Confidentiality Agreement by Tiger to protect owner.

4. Owner answers preliminary questions.

5. Tiger sends forms on owner add backs and financials requested to be able to do the valuation.

6. Owner sends recent financials.

7. Tiger prepares valuation using multiple methods (including Done Deals Transactions for comps in owner’s specific SIC – industry).

8. Valuation presented in person.

9. Engagement Agreement signed.

10. Tiger sends to owner the Information Questionnaire so that Tiger will be able to prepare the Descriptive Offering Report (“book”).

11. Owner fills out Information Questionnaire and returns to Tiger.

12. Tiger prepares Marketing Program (including multiple lists of sources).

13. Tiger prepares Confidential Seller Profile (blind teaser) and owner approves.

14. 1st Draft of Descriptive Offering Report prepared by Tiger for owner to edit.

15. 2nd Draft of Descriptive Offering Report approved by owner.

16. Put Confidential Seller Profile on select listing websites.

17. Per Marketing Program, begin the Initial Offering Letter (with Confidential Seller Profile and Non Disclosure Agreement) mailing to potential buyers by Tiger: a) “blinds” in SIC industry b) financial buyers registered in Tiger TRAC proprietary database c) list provided by owner of candidates to buy. d) contact about 3,000 PEGs in Tiger’s database (depends on details of specific listing to determine if realistic).

18. Possibly 2nd mailing to interested buyers and follow ups (depends on initial response and timing).

19. Potential buyers contact Tiger with questions on listing and Tiger screens.

20. Buyers that are still interested sign Non Disclosure Agreement.

21. Descriptive Offering Report sent to interested buyers who have signed Non Disclosure Agreement.

22. Follow up on those who have received Descriptive Offering Report.

23. Schedule initial showings at the facility.

24. Establish cut off for offers.

25. Expressions of Interest received.

26. Tiger telephones unresponsive but likely buyers.

27. If viable, second round of offers received.

28. Negotiate with top offer to get Letter of Intent executed.

29. Buyer’s due diligence process.

30. Definitive Agreement executed.

31. Closing of transaction.