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Expect eight months but allow one year.
Tiger will do a valuation that shows a range of what you can expect.
We need to sit down and talk about your specific situation. Tiger will not pressure you to sell now. But most owners wait too long and very few sellers sell too early. There is always an excuse (if you want one) to delay a decision.
You might tell one or two trusted key employees when the marketing begins. You probably should tell the employees when offers are being accepted or when due diligence with the buyer begins.
We need the last three years income statements, last year’s balance sheet, budget for this year, income statement YTD, and estimate of owner’s benefit. If you know your SIC, please provide.
The M&A Source provides an extensive and diverse program of networking, educational opportunities and industry specific tools and resources all designed to assist in the development of the M&A professional.The mission of the M&A Source is to promote members’ professional development and interests to better serve their clients’ needs, and maximize public awareness of professional intermediary services available for middle market merger and acquisition transactions.
Check to see if the candidate:

  1. Has many years of experience as M&A Intermediary – not just a main street business broker.
  2. Interests and background beyond that of a real estate broker.
  3. Has history of success selling mid-sized companies.
  4. Works nationwide, not just locally.
  5. Emphasizes methods to maintain confidentiality.
  6. Prepares written valuation (including comparable in SIC industry).
  7. Recasts financials to increase the value.
  8. Prepares a written Marketing Plan with a timetable.
  9. Prepares professional and comprehensive Descriptive Offering Report – describing historical results but selling the future opportunity.
  10. Understands the value of goodwill.
  11. Optimizes the value and terms in the transaction.
  12. Has appreciation of the tax ramifications to parties and has relationships with experts.
  13. Utilizes multiple modes for marketing your company.
  14. Has a proprietary database of a large number of potential buyers (including PEGs, VCs, and registered buyers.)
  15. Can evaluate the pros and cons of various alternatives.
  16. Belongs to M&A Source, the world’s largest association of intermediaries.
  17. Possesses strong negotiating skills & is a team player.
  18. Enjoys being a middleman (buffer) between parties.
  19. May allow the seller to be the “back stop” in the negotiations.
  20. More interested in closing a transaction than advising.
  21. Has broad background including sales experience.
  22. Has actually bought & sold his own company.
  23. Relates to owner’s unique situation, including emotional issues.
  24. Is preferably a M&A Master Intermediary (M&A MI).
  25. Has many references.


  • CPA/accountant
  • Tax attorney
  • Estate attorney
  • M&A transaction attorney
  • Escrow officer
  • Insurance carrier/agent
  • Real estate landlord
  • Lender/Banker
  • Financial planner

The honor of being named a Master Intermediary is granted by M&A Source. A Master Intermediary is a CBI who has passed education requirements, tests, CE credits, plus successfully closed a number of mid-market sized business transactions. As of 2013, there are only 80 Master Intermediaries in the world.
Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) is the designation awarded by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) to member that have satisfied the educational requirements and conform to the ethical standards of IBBA.
Buying or selling a business is one of the most crucial financial transactions of your life. As a business owner, you probably have, or will have, a good portion of your assets in your business or professional practice.When the time comes to buy or sell a business, you need the best representation possible. In what can be a confusing and sometimes difficult process, it pays to leave as little as possible to chance. With the help of a CBI professional, you can navigate unknown territory with ease. A CBI can help you optimize your transaction by:

  • Identifying better prospects
  • Clarifying investment potential.
  • Helping you select the professionals, lawyers and accountants, who can provide the necessary counsel to assure a successful transition of ownership.

A CBI is an experienced, proven professional whose claim of competence is supported and documented. With the proven skills necessary to handle the marketing, negotiations and complex details involved, a CBI can successfully complete the purchase or sale of your business.

Every CBI has undergone a specialized course of detailed training, aimed at making the process of buying or selling a business as smooth and worry-free as possible.

A CBI brings special qualifications to your needs:

Membership in the IBBA, an international association serving the business brokerage industry. Every CBI is a part of a network of professionals. Successful completion of the courses leading to the Certified Business Intermediary designation – one of the most successful intermediary educational programs in the world. Every CBI is a professional equipped with special expertise as a result of advanced study in listing, selling, investment, taxes, valuation and more. A history of demonstrated sales performance through the documented execution of business sales transactions.

A CBI has these distinctive credentials:

  1. A higher level of education and training.
  2. Professional affiliation with hundreds of other intermediaries on the local, national and international levels.
  3. The most current industry information with respect to taxes, investment, legislation and other areas of critical importance.
  4. Local market knowledge – special expertise unique to your area.

The greatest hurdle to any transaction is managing the expectations of all parties involved, especially a seller. What a CBI brings to the table is the “real-world” experience of what can be expected. Transactions are very complex and tedious. An experienced CBI helps a seller in analyzing their options, preparing information for prospective investors/buyers and understanding the process of selling their business.