39 Reasons Why You Should Use Tiger

1. Has 28 years of combined experience in mergers and acquisitions

– not just a business broker selling “main street” type of businesses.

– interests and background beyond that of a real estate agent.

2. Not your typical business broker that represents transactions, Tiger represents only you.

3. Utilizes nationwide/global search, not just local.

4. Emphasizes methods to maintain confidentiality to keep the sale process quiet.

5. Prepares written valuation (including comparables specific to your SIC industry and DCF) using five methods.

6. Does not raise expectations artificially high just to get the listing.

7. Has history of success selling mid-sized companies (over 300 closed transactions).

8. Incorporates fine tuned and proven system, forms, and steps in the process.

9. Recasts financials to reflect the value to potential buyer.

10. Prepares a written detailed Marketing Plan with a timetable for your approval.

11. Prepares professional and comprehensive Descriptive Offering Report (“Book”)

– describing historical results in addition to selling the future opportunity.

– customized, not a generic (stock) report with a fill-in the blanks.

12. Understands the significance of goodwill.

13. Optimizes the value and terms in the transaction.

14. Has appreciation of the tax ramifications to parties and has relationships with experts.

15. Utilizes multiple modes for marketing .

16. Has proprietary databases of several thousand potential buyers including PEGs, VCs, and registered buyers in TIGER TRAC (Transaction Registration Acquisition Criteria).

17. Sends out the initial offering letter hand addressed, hand stamped, and personally signed to all potential buyers.

18. Can evaluate the pros and cons of various alternatives.

19. Belongs to M&A Source, the world’s largest association of intermediaries.

20. Possesses strong negotiating skills from experience and multiple training classes.

21. Contact individual will not change from getting listing to preparing Descriptive Offering Report to attending showings with potential buyers

– many other business brokerage firms have a handoff of responsibilities to different associates

– continuity in relationship is maintained at TIGER with your contact individual.

22. Maintains required licenses to be business brokers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida.

23. Hold real estate broker licenses in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida.

24. May allow the client to be the “back stop” in the negotiations.

25. Is frequently successful in receiving multiple offers and taking the competitive process to a second level for a better price and/or terms.

26. Can coordinate the activities with associated specialists and advisors:

CPA/accountant M&A transaction attorney Estate attorney Real estate landlord Financial planner

Tax attorney Escrow officer Lender/banker Insurance carrier/agent

27. Has many contacts in the industry.

28. Is more interested in closing a transaction than consulting.

29. Has broad background including sales, marketing, business planning, purchasing, and finance experience

– both with large and small companies.

30. Has actually bought & sold his own company (entrepreneur who ran a family owned company).

31. Is a team player and, if needed, can recommend professionals.

32. Relates to owner’s unique situation, including family and emotional issues.

33. President is a M&A Master Intermediary (M&A MI), one of only 80 in the world.

34. Has many references.

35. Has two Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI) in the office.

36. Has at least one Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) in the office.

37. Is officially recognized as an “Expert” in Business Reference Guide.

38. You receive personal attention from principals of this M&A advisory firm.

39. Enjoys being a middleman (buffer) between parties

– really loves helping business owners.