If you are interested in acquiring a company, there are three ways Tiger Brokerage Group can be of service to you:

The first is to sign a Buyer’s Assignment where we proactively search for a company that meets your acquisition criteria.  We would represent the buyer and have a retainer fee for the Buyer’s Assignment to cover our expenses.  We have actually acquired over 300 companies.  It is our experience that the biggest value of an intermediary in M&A is actually on the buyer’s side.  The buyer has many options to explore along with flexibility so using an experienced middleman can be of great benefit.  We have never been involved in an acquisition where our proven value wasn’t many times what the cost was.

The second way we can be of help to you in acquiring a company is if you have identified a specific target company to acquire.  If you have not already had discussions with your target acquisition, we could quietly and confidentially inquire as to their interest in selling.  You could use us in a consulting capacity to negotiate and close the deal.  We would representyou in the acquisition.  We would perform a written valuation on your potential acquisition.  The Consulting Agreement has a retainer and after the first sixteen hours, an hourly rate.

The third, and most passive method, is to complete our Tiger TRAC (Transaction Registration Acquisition Criteria) form and we will enter your acquisition criteria information into our database.  We will then contact you when a company arises that meets your criteria.  This method is less likely to result in your acquiring a company.  There is no cost or obligation with registering on the TRAC database.